Future Development

Jilin Boxin Automotive Electric.Co.,Ltd is still focusing its attention on the major automotive manufacturing plant from home and abroad in order to seek for mutual development with our clients.
At home, our company now is actively developing business with Peking Hyundai Motor Co.,ltd, Peiking Mercedes-Bens Daimler Chrysler Co.,ltd, Shanghai GM Motor, and Chery Co.,ltd,etc.
At abroad, weĦŻve reached an export agreement with Audi Germany and dedicated to cooperation development project with every big automotive plant from Europe and America
WeĦŻve paid a lot of attention on auto harness, high pressure harness products, and we will establish a complete set with FAW-VW and some major auto plants at home.
We will set up a manufacturing company with professionalized, large scale, internationalized auto electric.

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