Ò»¡¢Cigar Lighter Principle

    The main components of cigarette lighter we are manufacturing are cigarette lighter heads, cigarette lighter socket assembly, under 12V or 24V, after cigar lighter head being from the normal position pushed into the hot double metal pieces of cigar lighter socket, then the heating spiral resistance fuse in cigar lighter head works, cigar lighter¡¯s socket will automatically cut the power off within 18s, then cigar lighter head will be in normal position while the color of heating spiral resistance fuse is becoming orange or vivid red, cigarette will be lit within 10s.

¶ş¡¢Product Performance

    1£ºConsumed power of the cigarette lighter series products we are manufacturing is no more than 120W, it can work under the high and low temperature, vibration frequency 55¡æ, -40¡æ, 50Hz respectively. The product we adopt is self recovery fuse and macromolecule PTC temperature sensing resistance auto cigar lighter circuit protection: It easily occurs a variety of queer circumstances owing to the environment cigar lighter stays, for instance, over current problem, etc. When cigar lighter circuit be used for charging power supply of a cell phone, if use improperly (e.g. overloading, opposite electrode pole connection, loading short circuit, etc.) the circuit of cigar lighter or charging circuit will probably be damaged. If using disposable fuse for protection, it¡¯s unachievable that average users can accept this way when needs to change its fuse and after the failure in cigar light occurs. If using macromolecule PTC temperature sensing resistance for over current protection then implement prevention when failure strikes, in the meantime, automatically recovery after failure being excluded, therefore, we can see a merit that the users don¡¯t need to change cigar lighter frequently.
    2.Cigar lighter has high insulation and strong dielectric between the connector of socket of the cigar lighter and outer shell in the case of respective disconnection, so they can bear 50Hz power frequency, actual sine wave voltage is 550V, there¡¯s no damage from piercing at last one minute test.
    3. Good corrosion resistance, all parts made of metal have good corrosion resistance coat.
    4. Beautiful appearances, no crack from parts were made of plastic and no effect for using performance as well as its deformation.
    5. Reliable assembly, there are no phenomena such as automatically lose, etc. for the place of riveting, point-welding, assembly.
    6. All insertion force conforming to the levels are within 10-25N.
    7. All Drawing force conforming to the levels are within 5-20 N.
    8.Less expendable current, a cigar lighter with 12V is less than 10A, and 24V, less than 5A.
    9.Its duration reaches 10,000 times, storage period can last more than one-year.

Èı¡¢Products Inspection

    Products Inspection shall be carried out strictly in accordance with the main machine plant and industry standard, 100% inspection for products. Our company has a complete inspection equipment: Insertion force inspection machine, drawing force inspection machine, disconnection time and electricity inspection machine, high and low temp test box, duration test table, cigar lighter working simulation test machine, pitch of strand inspection machine, etc.



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